Table 2

Summary table of data fields collected from the household survey

Household panel
  • Geo-coordinates of household/distance from nearest health facility

  • Age and sex of household members

  • Education level of household members

  • Recent pregnancy/delivery of household members

Individual demographics and household characteristics
  • Number of pregnancies

  • Outcome of pregnancies

  • Number of living/deceased children

  • Characteristics of living quarters (eg, roof type, floor type, cooking fuel type)

  • Access to and quality of water

  • Household wealth indicators and assets

Last pregnancy
  • Antenatal care services used

  • HIV testing

    • Status at last pregnancy

    • PMTCT services

  • Perceived satisfaction with antenatal care

Last delivery
  • Location of last delivery

    • Decision making around location for delivery

    • Mode of transportation

  • Referral and bypassing

  • Receipt of CEmONC services (C-section, blood transfusion, intravenous antibiotics)

  • Perceived quality/satisfaction with delivery services

  • Maternal and neonatal vital status

Use of MWH
  • Knowledge of MWH

  • Source of knowledge of MWH

  • Nearest MWH to home

  • Use of MWH before/after last delivery

    • Cost of using MWH

    • Perceived quality of MWH (safety, comfort, management and services)

    • Satisfaction with MWH

  • Use of MWH for other pregnancies or other maternal health visits

  • Intended future use of MWH

Cost of delivery and delivery planning
  • Planned or intended location for delivery

    • Adherence to planned or intended location for delivery

  • Barriers to birth plan adherence

  • Savings for last delivery

  • Cost of last delivery (broken down by expense)

Postnatal care (PNC) and infant health
  • Time to first maternal and newborn postnatal visit after delivery

  • Perceived quality of postnatal services received

  • Breast feeding practices

  • Supplementary feeding practices

  • Newborn vaccination status

  • PMTCT/ART for newborn

  • Interactions between the parent and the child

  • Maternal depression assessment

  • Health-seeking behaviour for child’s last illness

Healthcare knowledge and beliefs
  • Use of contraceptives for family planning

  • Primary barriers to accessing healthcare

    • Primary barriers to accessing skilled delivery services

  • ART, antiretroviral therapy; CEmONC, comprehensive emergency obstetric and neonatal care; C-section, caesarean section; MWH, maternity waiting home; PMTCT, prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV.