Table 1

Targeted PGHD dimensions

DimensionCorresponding question and (hypothetical example)
PGHD generationHow are PGHD created? (using a digital monitor to self-measure blood pressure)
PGHD collectionHow are PGHD captured and stored? (storing collected blood pressure values in an online patient portal)
PGHD communication and sharingHow are PGHD transferred? (using the patient portal to transfer blood pressure data to the general practitioner via secure email services)
PGHD interpretationHow are PGHD reviewed and made sense of? (patient/provider views uploaded blood pressure measurements online over time to understand progress)
PGHD purposesWhat is the intended purpose for collecting and using electronic PGHD? (self-regulation and personalised feedback)
PGHD utilisation(a) How are PGHD applied for achieving desired results? What is their actual use? (online portal sends provider-initiated feedback emails, based on abnormal values)
(b) Is their actual use in line with the intended purposes?
PGHD contextWhat are the settings/environments of PGHD use? (electronic blood pressure measurements taken at home and at the work place)
PGHD impactWhat are the effects or implications of PGHD? (control and course of blood pressure)
  • PGHD,┬ápatient-generated health data.