Table 2

Distribution of clinical and tumour characteristics by ER status and receipt of tamoxifen among the 5959 participants in a population-based cohort of premenopausal women diagnosed with first primary breast cancer, ProBe CaRe study

Patient and tumour characteristicsER+/TAM+ER−/TAM−
Age at diagnosis
Menopausal status at diagnosis
Stage at diagnosis
 Stage I11842640229.6
 Stage II24765470251.7
 Stage III9172024618.1
 Unknown stage230.590.7
Tumour size
 <2 mm26465867750
 2≤5 mm17803963247
 >5 mm1563.4443.2
No of metastatic lymph nodes
Lymph node evaluation
Histological grade
Type of primary surgery
Progesterone receptor status
 Unknown/not measured15373321916
HER2 status
 Unknown/not measured10942431323
Intention to treat with chemotherapy
Intention to treat with tamoxifen
Radiation therapy
Anti-HER2 therapy
Another malignancy
Dead at end of follow-up
Charlson Comorbidity Score
  • ER, oestrogen receptor; HER, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2; ProBe CaRe, Predictors of Breast Cancer Recurrence; PR, progesterone receptor; TAM, tamoxifen therapy.