Table 1

Data collection schedule Data are collected approximately 3 months posthearing aid fitting (baseline); at each ACE session 1–5 for the intervention arm and at a time equivalent to ACE week 5 for the treatment-as-usual arm; and approximately 6 months posthearing aid fitting

Study periodRecruitmentAllocationPostallocation
Time pointBaseline0ACE week 1ACE week 2ACE week 3ACE week 4ACE week 56 months
 Informed consent
 Optional qualitative study consent
 Resource use
 ACE participant attendance*
 ACE SO attendance~
 Acceptability questionnaire
 Qualitative interviews (participant and SO)
 Qualitative interviews (audiologists)
  • *ACE arm only.

  • † Significant others only.

  • ACE, Active Communication Education; IOI-AI, International Outcomes Inventory for Alternative Interventions; IOI-HA, International Outcomes Inventory for Hearing Aids; IOI-HA-SO, IOI for hearing aids: version for SO; SAC, Self-Assessment of Communication; SF-36, Short-Form 36; SO, significant others; SOS-HEAR, Significant Other Scale for Hearing Disability.