Table 4

Results of the ordered logistic regression analysis with resilience as independent variable and depression severity (no/low/medium/severe) as outcome variable adjusted by age, sex and stage of MM

VariableOR (95% CI)P values
Level of resilience; reference low level
 Moderate level of resilience0.51 (0.24 to 0.98)0.06
 High level of resilience0.11 (0.06 to 0.19)<0.001*
Age: 5  years increase1 (0.98 to 1.03)0.88
Sex: reference female0.63 (0.39 to 1.02)0.06
Stage of myeloma: premalignant stage†
 New diagnosis of MM1.39 (0.74 to 2.61)0.31
 Treated MM2.38 (1.32 to 4.38)0.0046*
  • *p-value <0.05.

  • †Premalignant stage: monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance or smouldering multiple myeloma.

  • MM, multiple myeloma.