Table 1

Overview of demographic data of participants

Number of participantsAverage age (years)Sex (male/female)BMI autumn (male) (kg/m2)BMI winter (male) (kg/m2)BMI autumn (female) (kg/m2)BMI winter (female) (kg/m2)
Subjects receiving NAR: yoghurt containing six probiotic species, collagen, pectin and inulin4350.0216/2727.927.826.826.4
Subjects receiving controls: yoghurt without supplements4150.7814/2728.428.727.3727.7
Subjects with MetS5849.0324/3429.12929.129
Healthy controls2652.836/202323.122.922.9
  • The table shows the basic study design. The 84 participants were sampled twice each for 168 samples in total. Of these, roughly half underwent synbiotic intervention with NAR. In parallel, roughly one-third of the study participants were metabolically healthy, with the remainder diagnosed with MetS. The table further shows basic demographics (ageĀ and sex) and BMI distribution at the different time points.

  • BMI, body mass index; MetS, metabolic syndrome.