Table 1

Characteristics of registries, participation and case ascertainment

Registry/datasetSourceDescriptionParticipation and case ascertainment* during the trial period
Paramedic trialWarwick Clinical Trials UnitTrial patient cohort that survived admission to a hospital.N/A
Hospital Episode StatisticsNHS DigitalCollection of information on all NHS hospital inpatients, accident and emergency, critical care and outpatients that enables healthcare providers to be paid according to their levels of activity.All hospitals.
Case ascertainment 100%.
Case Mix ProgrammeIntensive Care National Audit and Research CentreAudit of patient outcomes from all adult, general critical care units in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Other specialist units, including neurosciences, cardiac and high dependency units, also participate.Over 90% of critical care units.
Case ascertainment not reported.
Myocardial Ischaemia National Audit ProjectNational Institute for Cardiovascular Outcomes Research (NICOR)National audit of patients with acute coronary syndrome admitted to all hospitals in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Data are collected prospectively at each hospital by secure electronic system, electronically encrypted and transferred online to a central database.All hospitals.
Case ascertainment not reported.
National Audit of Percutaneous Coronary InterventionsNICORNational audit of all percutaneous coronary intervention  (PCI) procedures from NHS and non-NHS hospitals in the UK.All hospitals.
Case ascertainment 97%.
  • *Case ascertainment – rate (eg, %) of eligible cases included in a registry/database.

  • NHS, National Health Service.