Table 1

Baseline characteristics in the propensity score-matched HCV cohort in Taiwan, 1997–2012 (n=9830)

VariableTreated cohort
(n=1966), N (%)
Untreated cohort
(n=7864), N (%)
P values
Age (pear year)   54.7±11.2   54.5±12.60.56
Geographic region0.43
 Central12 41328.2232529.5
Urbanisation level0.32
Enrolee category0.003
Number of medical visits   29.3±20.8   26.9±23.5<0.0001
Charlson comorbidity index   3.2±2.1   2.7±2.3<0.0001
  • Categorical variables given as number (percentage); continuous variable as mean±SD.

  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; HCV, hepatitis C virus.