Table 1

Participating registers

Geographical regionCerebral palsy (CP) registerCongenital anomaly registerLive births/yearBirth years availableTotal live birthsApproximate CP cases available*
Funen, DenmarkDanish CP RegisterEUROCAT Malformation Registry for Funen, Denmark50001991–200785 000179
Grenoble, FranceRHEOPREMERA31 3001991–2007532 1001117
NorwayThe CP Register of Norway (CPRN)Medical Birth Registry of Norway (MFR)60 0001999–2009660 0001386
PortugalPrograma Vigilância Nacional da Paralisia Cerebral aos five anos de Idade (PVNPC5A)RENAC—Registo Nacional de Anomalias Congénitas18 0002001–2009162 000340
Western Sweden**The CP Register of Western SwedenSwedish Register of Birth Defects24 0001991–2009408 000857
CroatiaRegister of Cerebral Palsy of Croatia (RCP-HR)Zagreb EUROCAT Register70002003–200735 00074
South AustraliaSouth Australian Birth Defects Register‡20 0001993–2009340 000714
VictoriaVictorian Cerebral Palsy RegisterVictorian Congenital Anomalies Register70 0001993–20091 104 3892048
Western AustraliaWestern Australian Register of Developmental Anomalies (WARDA)‡30 0001991–2009570 0001197
Total265 3003 896 4897 912
  • *Calculated at 2.1/1000 live births.

  • †All participating European congenital anomaly registers follow EUROCAT methods.

  • ** Individual case data cannot be contributed to the pooled data set housed in Australia. Tabulated data to be included during data analysis phase.

  • ‡Colocated/combined congenital anomalies and CP register.

  • EUROCAT, European Surveillance of Congenital Anomalies. RHEOP, Registre des Handicaps de l’Enfant et Observatoire Perinatal. REMERA, Le Registre des Malformations en Rhône-Alpes.