Table 1

Prior reviews of volume replacement in patients undergoing oncoplastic breast-conserving surgery

ReviewDatabases included and years searchedStudies includedKey findings
Losken et al 20145 PubMed61 papersMeta-analysis comparing breast conservation therapy and oncoplastic breast surgery. Length of follow-up in the oncoplastic breast surgery group was shorter than breast conservation therapy. Main focus was on age, tumour size and local recurrence. Very little focus on the various techniques available and cosmetic outcomes
Haloua et al 20137 MEDLINE, EMBASE and Cochrane 2000–201112 studies—most are volume displacement techniquesThis systematic review reveals that current evidence supporting the efficacy of oncoplastic breast surgery is based on poorly designed and underpowered studies. Given the increasing importance and application of oncoplastic breast surgery, there is a pressing need for robust comparative studies, including both randomised controlled trials and well-designed, multicentre prospective longitudinal studies
Yiannakopoulou and Mathelin 20168 PubMed, Scopus, Google Scholar, Science citation Index 1966–201340 studies—only 15 were volume replacementStudy quality was low. The majority of studies were observational studies. The length of follow-up was relatively short; long-term oncological outcome of oncoplastic surgery for breast cancer is not adequately investigated. Further research efforts should focus on Level I evidence on oncological outcome of oncoplastic surgery
De La Cruz et al 20169 PubMed 1988–201555 studies with broad spectrum of oncoplastic techniquesSystematic review comparing breast-conserving surgery using oncoplastic techniques in place of standard lumpectomy. The review only included T1 and T2 breast cancers. The oncoplastic techniques evaluated were mainly volume displacement (>50%) but very little details on surgical technique available
Yoon et al
PubMed 1995–201541 studies—only 11 were volume replacementReview comparing postradiation outcomes of volume replacement and volume displacement. Did not describe the surgical techniques involved