Table 1

Topic guides for semi-structured interviews and focus groups

Semi-structured interviews
 Discussion on involvement in the trial
  • The clarity and acceptability of explanations and instructions before and during the trial—prompted for any examples where information was not clear, scope for improvement.

 Discussion on the dietary plan received
  • The acceptability of the dietary plan—prompted on appetite, satisfaction with diet, compliance and whether intervention was always received.

  • Positive and negative outcomes of the interventions—personal experiences.

 Discussion on the anthropometry assessments
  • Acceptability of the assessments undertaken—prompted for understanding of instructions, personal experiences, suggestions to make the process more acceptable.

 Discussion on the PROMs questionnaires and scales
  • The ease/burden of completing questionnaires and scales—prompted for time commitments, changes to routine, ways to make the process more acceptable.

  • Understanding of the questionnaires/scales—prompted for any particular challenges, whether other residents could have completed.

  • Thoughts on the importance of residents being able to provide feedback through PROMs.

Focus groups
 Discussion of care home involvement in the trial
  • The ease/burden of participation in the trial—prompted for time commitments, knowledge and competency.

  • The confidence of the staff in completing malnutrition screening— prompted for areas of concern/adequacy of training prior to commencement.

  • Experiences of completing healthcare resource usage questionnaires—prompted for time commitment/specific challenges/any other items which could have been included.

 Discussion of allocated dietary intervention
  • The acceptability of the dietary plan for residents.

  • The ease/burden of delivering the dietary intervention.

  • Positive and negative outcomes of interventions—according to study data, and own perceptions.

  • Possible reasons for poor compliance.

 Discussion of PROMs outcome measures
  • The ability of residents to complete the questionnaires and scales—prompted for their thoughts on whether others could have completed, ways to make it easier, completion by proxy.

  • PROM, participant-reported outcome measure.