Table 2

Participant timeline

TimepointStudy period
Enrolment of participantsAllocation of clustersPostallocation
 Eligibility screenX
 Informed consentX
Interventions (for those in intervention communes)
 Learning clubs Embedded Image
  Maternal common mental disordersXXXX
  Maternal serum ferritinXX
  Maternal haemoglobin levelXX
  Maternal urinary iodine concentrationXX
  Quality of parent-parent relationshipXXXX
  Mother’s reproductive historyX
  Sociodemographic characteristicsX
  Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler DevelopmentX
  Infant anthropometric indicesXX
  Home environment for infant developmentXX
  Infant haemoglobin levelXX
  Infant microbiomeXX
  Infant birth weight and gestational age at birthX
  • B: Baseline; F1: Late pregnancy (32 weeks of gestation); F2: when infant is 1 year old; F3: when toddler is 2 years old.