Table 3

Power calculations for secondary outcomes

Height-for-age Z score at 2 years old0.250.030.93
Weight-for-age Z score at 2 years old0.30.010.98
Weight-for-height Z score at 2 years old0.20.010.85
BSID Cognitive score at 1 year old0.250.020.94
BSID Motor score at 2 years old0.450.010.96
BSID Social-emotional score at 2 years old0.30.030.90
  • *MD: standardised mean difference (SD of every BSID scale=15 scale points). MDs and ICCs are derived from our previous studies in Vietnam.41 42 44

  • BSID, Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development; ICC, intracluster correlation coefficient.