Table 3

Stakeholder perceptions on who should provide medical billing education*

Suggested providers of medical billing coursesThose not teaching medical billing (n=40) who felt it should be taught (n=29) suggested the following stakeholders should teach itThose not teaching medical billing who felt it should not be taught (n=11). 15% of these respondents (n=5) still suggested who should teach itTotal who responded (n=34)
Australian Medical Association617
Specialist colleges516
Medical boards404
Medical Defence Organisations303
Vocational training providers202
Private health funds112
Total no of suggestions48755
  • *Thirty-four stakeholders who did not provide their own medical billing courses responded to this question. They comprise 29 positive responses to the question: “Do you think doctors should be taught medical billing?” and 5 negative responses who went on to suggest training providers. Many chose more than one stakeholder when responding.