Table 1

Characteristics and details of providers of medical billing course (MBC) in Australia

Stakeholder descriptionInvitedRespondedOffer MBC (% of respondents)Do not offer MBC
Undergraduate education
(university medical schools)
18171 (6)16
Postgraduate general practitioner education
(vocational education providers)
171512 (80)3
Postgraduate specialist education
(specialist medical colleges)
16142 (14)12
Representative professional organisations
(state and territory branches of the Australian Medical Association (AMA))
850 (0)5
Medical defence organisations
(also known as medical indemnity insurers)
442 (50)2
Government agencies and departments
(Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, Professional Services Review Agency and Medicare)
320 (0)2
Totaln=66n=57 (86%)n=17 (30%)n=40 (70%)