Table 2

Details of medical billing courses (MBCs) provided in Australia

MBC detailsWho is MBC offered to?When is MBC offered?Mandatory or voluntary?How many hours of duration?How long has MBC been offered?Qualifications of person delivering MBCHow is MBC examined?Is MBC free or paid?
Undergraduate education (n=1)
(university medical schools)
Medical studentsIn GP rotation (fourth year)Mandatory<45–10 yearsMQWritten examination, assignments/group projectsFree
Postgraduate general practitioner education (n=12)
(vocational education providers)
GP registrars(n=9) Component of induction and introduction programme
(n=3) plus ongoing review during training
Mandatory(n=7) <2
(n=3) 2–4
(n=1) >4
(n=1) varies
5–10 years
>10 years
(n=7) MQ
(n=5) MQ plus education qualification
(n=10) Not examined
(n=1) Informal quiz
(n=1) Partially examined
Postgraduate specialist education (n=2)
(specialist medical colleges)
(n=1) Members of our organisation
(n=1) Registrars
(n=1) annually in some states and biannually in others
(n=1) at annual scientific congress
Voluntary<2(n=1) >10 years
(n=1) <1 year
MQNot examined(n=1) Pay
(n=1) Free
Medical defence organisations (n=2)
(also known as medical indemnity insurers)
Members of our organisation(n=1) Articles in member publications
(n=1) ad hoc
Free reading
(n=1) <2
(n=1) 5–10 years
(n=1) <5 years
(n=1) Legal qualification
(n=1) MQ
Not examinedFree
Total n=17n=12 offered to GPs onlyn=13 during orientation/inductionn=13
5–10 years
(n=16) MQs(n=14) Not examined(n=16) Free
  • GP, general practitioner; MQ, medical qualification.