Table 1

The data-collection methods that will be used to address each aim

AimsData-collection method
Explain the trial results
Whether the intervention was delivered as intendedXXXXX
Whether the control was delivered as intendedXXX
The types of issues typically identified during each interaction between intervention participants and healthcare professionalsXXX
The nature of the support and advice provided by the healthcare professionals to the intervention participantsXXXX
Participants’ and healthcare professionals’ perspectives on how, why and for whom the interventions did or did not workX
Determine the feasibility of scaling the intervention up in Bangladesh and other low-income and middle-income countries
The possible barriers and facilitators to scaling the intervention up in the futureX
Whether people with spinal cord injuries would value this interventionX
Whether healthcare service providers could employ and retain staff to provide the interventionX
Are the results generalisable to other patients, healthcare service providers and countriesXX
  • Legend for data-collection methods:

  • 1. Analysis of a sample of telephone interactions between healthcare professionals responsible for providing the intervention and intervention participants.

  • 2. Inclusion criteria and screening logs.

  • 3. Chart audit of data collected over the trial that captures the number, length and nature of interactions between healthcare professionals and participants.

  • 4. Audits of trial records detailing how and to whom each intervention participant’s allocated $AU80 was spent.

  • 5. Chart audit of data collected as part of 2-year assessment indicating the amount of contact control and intervention participants had with the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed over the 2 years.

  • 6. Record audit of the Social Welfare Department and Community  Based Rehabilitation Unit at the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed indicating contact with control and intervention participants.

  • 7. Semistructured interviews with participants and healthcare professionals.