Table 3

Results from multilevel multivariable logistic regression analyses predicting an ‘outcome 6’ with the foundation selection measures (N=14 128 applicants nested in medical schools and foundation schools (cross-classified))

VariableOR95% CI for ORP values
Model 1EPM decile score1.1401.095 to 1.185<0.001
SJT z-score1.1831.008 to 1.2590.011
Educational achievements0.9980.937 to 1.0590.944
Model 2EPM decile score1.1411.098 to 1.184<0.001
SJT z-score decile1.0491.010 to 1.0880.017
Educational achievements0.9950.932 to 1.0580.867
Model 3EPM decile score1.1131.072 to 1.154<0.000
SJT z-score1.1220.996 to 1.2470.075
Educational achievements1.0610.998 to 1.1230.068
No disability1.6601.345 to 1.9760.002
Number of applications0.5440.154 to 0.9340.002
Age0.9040.873 to 0.935<0.000