Questions with less than 20% correct (floor)Adolescents (age 15–17 years; n=107)Young adults (age 18–19 years; n=36)Parents (n=92)
 Mode of group selection19.8N/A17.4
 Study benefits16.816.719.6†
 Research purpose (open)‡
 Study duration (open)‡13.1N/A9.8
 What is next after HIV test results (open)‡14.0N/AN/A
 Study HIV test versus clinic HCT (open)‡7.702.2
 Study risks (open)‡9.3N/A13.0
 Whom to call (open)‡10.519.419.6†
 Study eligibility (open)‡N/AN/A7.7
  • *Per cent only shown if ceiling/floor cut-off met.

  • †Parents who consented without staff present would not have met criterion for ceiling; parents who consented with staff would not meet criterion for floor.

  • ‡(open) denotes open-ended questions, (response range=0–4). These were dichotomised for floor/ceiling analysis: 0=0–1, 1=2–4.

  • N/A, less than 80% of the sample (by population) got these items correct (upper panel) or incorrect (lower panel).

  • HCT, HIV Counselling and Testing.