Table 2

ALIC4E schedule of procedures

ScreeningBaseline day 1Day 1–14Day 14–28Post day 28
Eligibility assessment*
Informed consent*†
Baseline CRF*
Physical examination*
Dispensing of trial drugs*
Symptom diary†
Day 2–4 phone call‡
Day 14–28 phone call‡
After day 28 phone call‡
Clinical notes review§‡
Adverse event assessments‡
SAE follow-up‡
  • *Completed by recruiter.

  • †Completed by participant, includes standardised written health-related quality of life assessment and documents resource use.

  • ‡Completed by trial team (Chief Investigator/Principal Investigator/coordinator), day 28 call includes standardised verbal health-related quality of life assessment.

  • §Country dependent.

  • ALIC4E, Antivirals for influenza-Like Illness? An rCt of Clinical and Cost effectiveness in primary CarE; CRF, case report form; SAE, serious adverse event.