Table 3

Test-retest correlations for questions common to all and specific to adolescents, young adults and parents (n=74)*

Common to all
 Have you been given the name and phone number of the person to contact if you have any questions about the study?740.86
 Will you receive a T-shirt for taking part in the study?740.6
 How were participants selected into different groups in this study?740.57
 In your own words, can you tell me what the purpose of the research study is? (open)73−0.92
 What is the difference between taking part in this study and going to the clinic for voluntary HIV testing? (open)720.87
 Are there any bad things that could happen by taking part in this study? If yes, what are they? (open)700.9
 If you had a question or concern about the study, who would you call? (open)740.72
Young adults and adolescents
 Have you been told you can withdraw from the study at any time?450.75
 During the study, will anyone not working with KEMRI or the nearest clinic know about your health information?440.62
 At what point can you leave the study?450.94
 What does it mean when you sign the study consent form?†450.19
 What happens if you decide to stop taking part in the study?450.86
 Which of the following describes best why the study is being done?450.51
 Which of these activities were you asked to take part in today?450.62
 Will you be told your HIV test results during the study?‡45N/A
 Other activities you might be invited to do?450.6
 If you test positive for HIV, will you be offered free treatments?450.66
 If you are invited to participate in additional interviews for this study, how will you be compensated for your participation?450.73
 Which describes one of the main risks involved in the study?450.67
 Which describes the main benefit of taking part in the study?†450.26
 In your own words, can you tell me what makes you eligible to participate in this study? (open)450.9
 How long will you be involved in the study? (open)450.86
 What will you be asked to do as a participant in the study after you receive your HIV test results? (open)†450.47
Adolescents only
 If you want to join the study, but your parent/guardian does not agree, can you still join the study?330.64
 If your parents wants you to join the study, but you do not want to, are you still allowed to refuse?†330.45
Unique to young adults
 Have you been told that you can freely decide whether you will take part in this study?‡12N/A
 How did you decide to join the study?‡12N/A
  • *Post hoc analysis with cross-tabulations were used to further explore the low correlation coefficient.

  • †A correlation coefficient could not be obtained for this item. Cross-tabulations were used to examine relationships within the data.

  • ‡For complete questions with responses, see online supplementary appendix.

  • KEMRI, Kenya Medical Research Institute.