Table 3

Anticoagulation status of 666 patients with a known history of AF who developed either a first stroke or a recurrent stroke

Anticoagulation status on admission for patients with history of AFGroup differences
Yes (n=302)No (n=279)Not suitable (n=85)χ2 P values
All stroke with AF (n=666)
 Ischaemic (n=435)18141.619945.75512.632.6<0.001
 Haemorrhagic (n=231)12152.48034.63013.0
First stroke with AF (n=432)*
 Ischaemic (n=371)13837.2†18449.6†4913.220.0<0.001
 Haemorrhagic (n=61)4167.21423.069.8
Recurrent stroke with AF (n=228)*
 Ischaemic (n=90)9247.7†7639.4†2213.012.60.002
 Haemorrhagic (n=38)2976.3410.0512.5
Thrombolysis of ischaemic stroke (n=89)289.34415.81720.09.00.011
  • *Information on type of stroke was not specified in six cases.

  • †Differences between groups: χ2=6.3; p=0.043.

  • AF, atrial fibrillation.