Table 1

PubMed search strategy

#4Search ((#3 NOT (animals[mh] NOT humans[mh]))) AND (‘1997/01/01’[Date-Publication]: ‘2018/02/28’[Date-Publication])
#3Search (#1 AND #2)
#2Search (South Africa[mh]OR“South Africa*”[tiab] OR RSA[tiab] OR Africa, Southern[mh:noexp] OR Southern Africa[tiab])
#1Search (Diabetes[Mesh] OR Diabetes mellitus[Mesh] OR Type 2 diabetes mellitus[Mesh] OR Type 2 diabetes[Mesh] OR Diabetes mellitus, type 2[Mesh] OR Diabetes, type 2[Mesh] OR hyperglycemia[Mesh] OR Blood glucose[Mesh] OR Hemoglobin A, glycosylated[Mesh] OR Glycosylated hemoglobin OR Impaired glucose tolerance OR Impaired fasting glucose OR Undiagnosed diabetes