Table 2

Number of dispensed prescription items by the prescribing institution for a cohort of patients with cancer diagnosed during April to July 2015, with a prescription dispensed in the same time period

Prescribing setting from
NHS Digital’s GP practice list9
prescription items
Per cent of all dispensed prescription items
Per cent of prescription items dispensed by a listed practice9
GP practice1 820 52398.8299.49
Out of hours practice38060.210.21
Community health service28100.150.15
Hospital service4560.020.02
Walk in centre practice3890.020.02
Urgent and emergency care2150.010.01
Public health service1190.010.01
Walk in centre+out of hours practice980.010.01
Care home/nursing home950.010.01
Optometry service80.000.00
Organisation not listed as a GP practice
by NHS Digital,9 assumed secondary care
12 3960.67
Total1 842 195
  • GP, general practitioner; NHS, National Health Service.