Table 1

Differences in FFM personality traits, health and sociodemographic indicators between participants who reported developing ADRs between T1 and T2 versus participants who did not report ADRs at either time point

No ADRs either at T1 or T2
Reported developing ADRs between T1 and T2 (n=217)FdfP values
NEO PI-3 domain scales (T2)
 Openness to experience97.5918.1097.6817.400.0011930.944
Health Indicators
 Number of EHIF diagnoses (T1)4.914.186.765.2631.551193<0.001
 Number of EHIF diagnoses (T2)4.964.366.805.0429.611193<0.001
 Change in the number of EHIF diagnoses from T1 to T20.053.940.065.050.0011930.954
 Number of medicines taken (T1)1.201.901.852.3019.471193<0.001
 Number of medicines taken (T2)2.092.523.473.4446.341193<0.001
 Change in the number of medicines taken from T1 to T20.892.131.622.8718.131193<0.001
 BMI (T1)26.835.0827.275.091.3211930.251
 BMI (T2)27.815.6228.665.694.0311910.045
 Change in BMI from T1 to T20.972.591.372.764.1111910.043
 Systolic BP (T1)127.2717.13129.4617.432.8811920.090
 Systolic BP (T2)133.2919.71136.3720.564.2511920.039
 Change in systolic BP from T1 to T26.0419.036.8320.200.3011910.584
 Diastolic BP (T1)78.6110.8779.0810.930.3311920.564
 Diastolic BP (T2)83.0111.2883.5210.880.3811920.539
 Change in diastolic BP from T1 to T24.4012.174.4413.060.0011910.971
Sociodemographic variables (T1)