Table 3

Major barriers identified in the non-compliant group

CategoriesMajor barriersNumbers (%)
EconomicsCannot afford to travel to tertiary centre.13 (6.7)
Cannot afford treatment costs.58 (30)
Knowledge Do not know where tertiary centre is located.6 (3.1)
 Do not understand why referral needed.4 (2.1)
 Was informed that vision will not improve.4 (2.1)
 Was not aware of the referral.4 (2.1)
Logistics Nobody to accompany to tertiary centre.6 (3.1)
 Tertiary centre is located very far.7 (3.6)
 Other health problems prevent travel.10 (5.2)
 LVPEI did not help facilitate referral.6 (3.1)
Attitudes Fear of travelling.2 (1)
 Too busy to go to tertiary centre.8 (4.2)
 Fear of procedure.7 (3.6)
 Dominant family member does not feel need.1 (0.5)
Able to see adequately.40 (20.7)
 Old age—do not see need for treatment at my age.8 (4.2)
 Not satisfied with treatment at LVPEI.3 (1.6)
 Decided to visit somewhere else.1 (0.5)
Others* Other.5 (2.6)
  • *Others included transferred to other places (2), father had poor health (2) and waiting for health insurance approval (1). LVPEI, L V Prasad Eye Institute.