Table 4

Final results of multivariate analysis of risk factors associated with stunting, overweight and food insecurity in the four communities

ExposureAdjusted OR95% CIaCluster adj X2 MH
 Household sold livestock1.771.06 to 2.954.74
 Primary caretaker was illiterate1.811.07 to 3.064.85
 Household had access to irrigation0.470.27 to 0.817.46
 Male child1.871.02 to 3.434.08
 Household sold livestock2.141.14 to 4.025.59
Food insecurity
 Household earned below minimum wage2.901.56 to 5.4111.25
 Consumed quinoa0.170.06 to 0.4811.16
  • CIa, CIs using the method of Cornfield, adjusted for clustering with the method of Lamothe; cluster adj χ2 MH, cluster-adjusted χ2 Mantel-Haenszel.