Table 3

Results of the pilot study of the ICBT intervention

Mean±SD (range)
Generic satisfaction with the ICBT intervention
 I am satisfied with the ICBT intervention. (0–10)7.7±0.8 (6–8)
 The intervention met my expectations. (1–4)3.4±0.7 (2–4)
 I received appropriate information before the start of the intervention. (1–4)4.0±0.0 (4–4)
 I have faith that the treatment effect would persist in the longer term. (1–4)3.4±0.9 (2–4)
 I would recommend the ICBT intervention to relatives who consider to donate a kidney. (1–4)3.4±1.1 (1–4)
Perceived effectiveness of the intervention
 Due to the intervention, my functioning on the domains of my treatment goals improved. (1–4)3.2±0.7 (2–4)
Dedication to the intervention
 During the intervention, I conducted all the assignments completely. (1–4)3.0±1.1 (1–4)
 I worked very intensively on my treatment goals. (1–4)3.3±0.7 (2–4)
 I practised and integrated the learnt strategies into daily life. (1–4)3.1±0.4 (2–4)
 I made time for the intervention at a fixed moment on the day. (1–4)2.1±0.6 (1–3)
 The intervention contributed to an improvement on dealing with problems related to the domains of my treatment goals. (1–4)3.1±0.6 (3–4)
 I think the assignments were generally easily understandable. (0–6)5.1±1.4 (2–6)
 I think the assignments had an appropriate length. (0–6)4.3±1.0 (3–6)
 I think the assignments were useful. (0–6)4.4±1.1 (3–6)
 Which grade would you give to the user-friendliness of the website? (1–10)7.0±1.4 (4–8)
The therapeutic relationship
Working alliance (WAI)
 Agreement on therapy goals. (1–5)4.2±0.6 (3.0-4.8)
 Agreement on therapy tasks. (1–5)3.8±1.0 (1.8–4.8)
 Relational bond between the patient and the therapist. (1–5)4.4±0.6 (3.5–5.0)
Internet-specific aspects of the therapeutic relationship (ITRQ)
 The time lag aspects of communication and receiving sufficient attention from the ICBT therapist. (1–10)8.9±1.1 (7.5–10.0)
 Sharing of information with the therapist and the home as the treatment environment. (1–10)7.8±2.2 (5.0–10.0)
  • ICBT, internet-based cognitive-behavioural therapy; ITRQ, Internet-Specific Therapeutic Relationship Questionnaire; WAI, Working Alliance Inventory.