Table 1

Assessment time points for primary and secondary outcomes of SMART-CR/SP study

OutcomeAssessmentBaseline8 week6 month12 month
Primary outcome
 Exercise capacityChange in 6MWT distance
Key secondary outcome
 Knowledge of the diseaseModified CHD questionnaire42 43
Secondary outcomes
 Blood pressureAverage of two resting, sitting digital recordings
 Lipid profileFasting blood sample
 Medication adherenceAdherent to cardiac-protective medications
 ObesityWeight, height, waist and hip circumference
 Physical activityGeneral Physical Activity Questionnaire46
 Fruit and vegetable intakeWHO Steps instrument44
 Anxiety symptomsGeneralised Anxiety Disorder 7-item (GAD-7) scale47
 Depressive symptomsPatient Health Questionnaire
 Quality of lifeSF-12_V2 Health Survey49
 CV eventsCVD death, non-fatal AMI, stroke or hospital admission with unstable angina or congestive heart failure
 CR/SP needs surveyPatient needs for the core components of CR/SP33
 All-cause mortalityData from CDC
  • AMI, acute myocardial infarction; BP, blood pressure; CDC, Centre Disease Control and Prevention; CHD, coronary heart disease; CR/SP, cardiac rehabilitation and secondary prevention; CV, cardiovascular; LDL, low-density lipoprotein; 6 MWT,  6  min  walk test distance.