Table 1

Dataset characteristics

Demographic (n=110)
 Age, median (IQR) (years)79.0 (15.0)
 Female, n (%)76 (69.1)
Clinical status
 Glomerular filtration rate* (CKD-EPI), mean±SD (mL/min)70.5±20.5
 Patients with moderate renal insufficiency up to renal failure, n (%)29 (27.7)
 Diagnosed heart failure, n (%)4 (3.6)
 Diagnosed liver insufficiency, n (%)0 (0.0)
 Diagnosed COPD, n (%)10 (9.1)
 Diagnosed diabetes, n (%)24 (21.8)
 Prescribed drugs†, median (IQR)11.0 (6.0)
  • *Missing values n=5.

  • †As reported on the inpatient medication list, including already used as needed medications.

  • CKD-EPI, chronic kidney disease epidemiology collaboration; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.