Table 1

Characteristics of the sample

CharacteristicTotal n=1888
Overdiagnosis information
 Breast screening text987(52.3)
 Prostate screening text901(47.7)
 White British1432(75.8)
 Other ethnic groups456(24.2)
Marital status
 Married or living as a couple1133(60.0)
 Single, widowed, divorced or separated755(40.0)
Highest level of education*
 No formal qualifications281(14.9)
 Approximately level 1, 2 or 3890(47.1)
 Approximately level 4507(26.9)
 Don’t know/not sure11(0.6)
Social class grade†
 Grade A or B386(20.4)
 Grade C1 or C2931(49.3)
 Grade D or E571(30.2)
Personal diagnosis of cancer
Knows someone with cancer
 Don’t know/not sure4(0.2)
Any previous cervical screening experience
 Not eligible1010(53.5)
Any previous breast screening experience
 Not eligible1488(78.8)
Any previous bowel screening experience
 Not eligible1414(74.9)
Any previous prostate screening experience
 Not eligible1467(77.7)
Previously read a screening leaflet
 Don’t know/not sure21(1.1)
Previously read an NHS screening website
 Don’t know/not sure15(0.8)
Discussed screening with doctor/nurse
 Don’t know/not sure13(0.7)
Previously read or heard similar information
 Don’t know/not sure41(2.2)
Perceived clarity of information
 Extremely clear170(9.0)
 Very clear636(33.7)
 Moderately clear685(36.3)
 Slightly clear206(10.9)
 Not at all clear191(10.1)
  • *Level 1–3 qualifications include, for example, GCSEs and A Levels; level 4 qualifications include degrees and higher degrees.

  • †Social grades are based on occupation (eg, grade A includes managerial roles; grade E includes casual workers).

  • GCSEs, General Certificate of Secondary Education; NHS, National Health Service.