Table 1

The policy notice content for the treatment and control group

Policy notice contentTreatmentControl
Patients with an opioid prescription who are in the ‘very high—opioid patients’ risk category in STORM for at least 7 days in the last quarter.
Patients in the denominator with case review within the last four quarters.
MonitoringThe STORM implementation team will review completion rates at the end of each quarter and notify facility point(s) of contact of their completion rate.
  • Facilities with scores at or above 97% on this metric are considered fully implemented.

  • Lack of implementation will trigger technical assistance and action planning starting in FY18Q4.

Facilities are expected to achieve scores at or above 97% by the end of FY18Q3.
Oversight and facilitation
  • If the facility fails to meet the targeted rate for completing case reviews by the end of FY18Q3, the STORM implementation team will notify the facility point(s) of contact.

  • The goal of reviewing these patients will be added to the facility’s existing improvement goals.

  • The facility point(s) of contact must then report quarterly on progress towards executing an action plan to meet the metric.

  • STORM, Stratification Tool for Opioid Risk Mitigation.