Table 5

Costs-effectiveness results (DSA)

Sensitivity analysisDSA 1 (inclusion of room hire)DSA 2 (interest rate change to 1.5%)DSA 3 (ideal costs of GTA teaching)DSA 4
(reduce GTA cost to £20 per hour)
DSA 5 (GTA training cost included)
Additional cost of GTA compared with manikin7075.107686.888317.395485.399168.71
Cost difference per student in RCT arm (n=204)34.6837.6840.7726.8944.94
ICER 50% competence589.59640.57693.12457.12764.06
ICER 60% competence252.68274.53297.05195.91327.45
ICER 70% competence252.68274.53297.05195.91327.45
  • DSA, deterministic sensitivity¬†analysis; GTA, Gynaecology Teaching Associate; ICER, incrementalcost-effectivenessratio; RCT, randomised controlled trial.