Table 1

Resource use and costs

ResourceDetailsCost (£)
Manikin arm costs
Lecturer/specialist registrar£20.82 per hour
Manikin *Costs per week£14.50 per teaching week
Disposable speculum †One speculum required for the teaching session£0.77 per speculum
GTA arm costs
GTA pay£30 per hour
Disposable speculum †Two speculums used per student£0.77 per speculum
Aquagel ‡Two sachets required per student£1.54 per student
Gloves §Four gloves per student£0.10 per student
Two gloves for the GTA demonstration£0.05 per GTA
Couch roll (tissue)¶£2.76 per week
Tissue box **£7.20 per week
  • *See online supplementary appendix 2.

  • †Twenty-five speculums priced at £19.23 including VAT.

  • ‡5 g package priced at £73.80 for 48 sachets. One sachet is adequate for one full examination including application on the speculum for insertion and on the gloved fingers for bimanual examination.

  • §£5 per box of 200 disposable latex-free gloves. A pair of gloves is required per examination, and two examinations performed within one GTA session, the total cost of four gloves was £0.10 per student. For the initial GTA demonstration of examination, £0.05 has been calculated.

  • ¶Two hundred sheets priced at £5.51.

  • **Hundred tissues priced at £3.60.