Table 3

Elements that may improve knowledge transfer after a hospitalisation with AKI

  • Signs and symptoms of AKI (including none).

  • Causes of AKI.

  • Severity (including need for dialysis).

  • Serum creatinine at discharge, along with the pre-admission baseline serum creatinine.

  • Medication changes.

  • Consequences of AKI.

  • Follow-up plan (including tests, appointments and responsibility for arranging).

  • Teaching that begins before hospital discharge.

  • Prioritisation of comorbidities for the patient and caregiver.

  • Prioritisation of medical appointments for the patient and caregiver.

  • Strategies to recognise and prevent AKI.

  • Single page.

  • Large font.

  • Frequent use of visual materials.

  • Room for patient and caregiver notes.

  • AKI, acute kidney injury.