Table 5

Resources used at each stage of the study

Resources used at each stage of the studyCount
Invitation packs sent
 No. of initial invitations sent141
 No. of 4-week reminder invitations
Nurse call sheets
Nurse visit sheets
Nurse phone calls to book baseline
 appointment, n=29
 Total calls51
 Calls per patient, mean (SD), range1.8 (0.9), 1–4
Written correspondence
 GP notification of participation27
 Confirmation of appointment letter27
 Phone calls, n=19
 Total number of phone calls32
 Calls per participant, mean (SD),
1.7 (0.9), 1–4
 Postal mail, n=6
 Total number of letters sent10
 No. of participants sent a reminder: 2 weeks2
 4 weeks2
 Emails, n=2: total number of emails sent2