Table 2

Proportions of studied patients with respective cancer types among people living with HIV who had any malignancies (n=117)

Patients with malignancy
n (%)
AIDS-defining cancer
 Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma61 (52.1)
 Kaposi sarcoma16 (13.7)
 Burkitt lymphoma5 (4.3)
 Cervix uteri2 (1.7)
Non-AIDS-defining cancer
 Bronchus or lung8 (6.8)
 Secondary malignant neoplasm of bone and bone marrow6 (5.1)
 Colon3 (2.6)
 Breast3 (2.6)
 Malignant neoplasm, without specification of site3 (2.6)
 Secondary malignant neoplasm of brain and cerebral meninges3 (2.6)
 Acute myeloblastic leukaemia3 (2.6)
 Multiple myeloma3 (2.6)
 Stomach2 (1.7)
 Secondary malignant neoplasm of lung2 (1.7)
 Liver cell carcinoma2 (1.7)
 Sigmoid colon2 (1.7)
 Thoracic part of oesophagus2 (1.7)
 Skin of trunk2 (1.7)
 Others*23 (19.7)
  • *Non-AIDS-defining cancer types present only in one patient were grouped and presented as ‘others’.