Table 3

Multivariable logistic regression model for the prediction of tinnitus recovery following unilateral cochlear implantation (in the pooled dataset and in the original dataset as sensitivity analysis) 

PredictorPooled dataset (15 multiple imputed sets) (n=87)Original dataset (complete cases) (n=76)
OR (adjusted OR)95% CIP valuesOR95% CIP values
Preoperative CVC score0.978 (0.983)0.958 to 0.9990.0380.9780.957 to 0.9990.042
Bilateral tinnitus preoperative0.412 (0.501)0.151 to 1.1240.0830.4900.171 to 1.4020.184
Difference audiometry at 250 Hz1.024 (1.019)1.004 to 1.0440.0171.0241.005 to 1.0440.013
  • OR >1: in favour of tinnitus recovery.

  • Prediction rule of the pooled dataset after internal validation: linear predictor=0247-(0.017*preoperative CVC score)-(0.691*bilateral tinnitus)+(0.019*difference in hearing threshold at 250 Hz).

  • Adjusted OR: OR corrected for overoptimism after internal validation; CVC, Consonant-Vowel-Consonant test.