Table 1

Schedule of enrolment, interventions and assessments

Age (months)23456799.51012181924
 Informed consentXX*
 Eligibility assessmentXX*
 PCV10—group AXXXX
 PCV10—group BXXX
 PCV10—group CXXX
 PCV10—group DXX
 PCV13—group EXXX
 PCV10—group FXX
 PCV10—group GX
 Household characteristicsXX*
 Nasopharyngeal swabXXXXXX
 Blood sample—group AX†XXXX†
 Blood sample—group BXXX†XX†
 Blood sample—group CXX†XXX†
 Blood sample—group DXXXX†X†
 Blood sample—group EX†XXXX†
 Blood sample—group FXXX
 Blood sample—group GXXX
 General healthXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  • *Group G only. Any events occurring before 18 months do not apply to group G.

  • †Each participant provides only one of these blood samples (the last 50 participants per group enrolled into groups A–E provide this blood sample at 18 months; the remainder provide it at the other time point).