Table 2

Extract of the multivariable results from Alber et al 13

All patientsCAD vs non-CADWald statistic
OR95% CI
Age (per year)1.0581.051 to 1.066247.7
Male gender2.7532.371 to 3.197175.9
HDL cholesterol (per mg/dL)0.9760.971 to 0.98277.3
Prior statin use1.7511.511 to 2.02955.3
Smokers1.7201.396 to 2.11825.9
Hypertension1.4941.244 to 1.79318.5
Diabetes1.5391.250 to 1.89416.5
C reactive protein (per log unit)1.3431.158 to 1.55815.1
Total cholesterol (per mg/dL)1.0031.001 to 1.0059.2
Triglycerides (per log unit)0.9170.621 to 1.3550.2
  • Reproduced with permission from the European Journal of Clinical Investigation. 2008. The Authors. Journal Compilation 2008 Blackwell Publishing.

  • CAD, coronary artery disease; HDL, high-density lipoprotein.