Table 3

Frustrations of DN team members as addressed by the NN team

Frustration about their job expressed by the DN staffThe NN team way of working that addressed the frustration
Lack of time to complete the work.The NN team agreed flexibility in their working hours to meet the patient need and a caseload they could manage.
Multiple, changing nursing staff providing care.The NN team had model of a named staff member to patient.
Lack of communication about patients and their whereabouts, for example, attending hospital appointment.Patients had named NN nurse telephone number and that nurse communicated directly with patients to arrange time for appointment visit.
Lack of ability/permission to innovate.The decision making with the NN team allowed new ideas to be tried.
Lack of flexibility in the staff rota agreed at senior levels 6 weeks ahead.NN team rota agreed in weekly meetings between the nurses and changes made as long as the staffing required was available.
Lack of extra pay or time in lieu for extra hours worked.The NN team agreed time in lieu given to individuals for extra hours worked at their weekly meetings.
  • DN, district nursing; NN, neighbourhood nursing.