Table 6

Access to WASH among individuals with disabilities

Bangladesh -1Bangladesh -2CameroonIndiaIndia: open defecation onlyMalawiMalawi: open defecation only
Use same sanitation facility as other household members81%82.0%90%95%94%94.4%89%
Reasons for using a different facility†
 Physically impossible93%73%28%19%33%43%
 Others would not like it/not allowed5%0017%0
 Physical or verbal abuse00017%0
 I would be embarrassed0008%0
Can access sanitation facility without contact with faeces53%86%58%55%86%83%
Can collect drinking water themselves21%69%77%53%67%
Reasons cannot collect drinking water themselves‡
 Physically impossible50%80%86%74%
 Others would not like it/not allowed50%13%5%8%
 Physical or verbal abuse0003%
 I would be embarrassed0005%
Can access drinking water at home without assistance§88%86.%59%84%81%
Use same bathing source as other household members§81%98%97%95%86%
  • *Eight households with a confirmed member with a disability excluded due to missing data.

  • †This is of among the proportion who state they use a different facility.

  • This is of among the proportion who state they cannot collect water themselves.

  • §This is among the proportion that collect water themselves.

  • WASH,  water, sanitation and hygiene.