Table 1

Recommended frequency of diabetic preventive care as per the American Diabetic Association (ADA) guidelines

VariablesRecomended frequency of follow up care after the intial work up in at risk patients
Haemoglobin A1c checkEvery 6 months unless change in treatment or uncontrolled blood sugar levels
Blood pressure check, smoking counselling, check for symtomatic and asymptomatic hyperglycaemia/hypoglycaemiaEvery visit
Fasting lipids, neurological examination, eye examinationand referral to ophthalmologist(if evidence of retinopathy), urine for protein, influenza vaccine administrationAnnually
Pneumovax administrationAll patients with diabetes ≥2 years of age, a one-time revaccination for individuals >65 years of age who have been immunised with PPSV23 vaccine >5 years ago
  • Table 1 shows the important preventive care variables that should be checked as recommended by the ADA guidelines.