Table 3

Diagnoses included on the Early Development Instrument

Mental health
 Oppositional defiant disorder/conduct disorder4
 Other mental health disorders5
Developmental disabilities
 Autism spectrum disorder (includes autism, Asperger syndrome and pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified)6
 Developmentally delayed/global delay7
 Down syndrome/other genetic developmental disability8
 Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder or alcohol-related neurodevelopmental disorder9
 Intellectual delay (mild or moderate)10
 Rett’s disorder, childhood disintegrative disorder11
 Learning disorders (reading, writing, math)12
Speech and language disorders
 Cleft palate/lip14
 Receptive or expressive language15
 Selective mutism16
 Other speech and language disorders17
Sensory disorders
 Blind/visually impaired18
 Deaf/hard of hearing19
 Other sensory20
Motor disorders
 Cerebral palsy21
 Mitochondrial disease22
 Muscular dystrophies23
 Spina bifida24
 Other motor impairment25
 Acquired brain injury26
 Cancer/leukaemia/brain tumour28
 Cystic fibrosis29
 Heart problems/stroke32
 Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis33
 Phenylketonuria/other metabolic35
 Roulette syndrome36
 Other, not listed37