Table 2

Patient eligibility by site: Lao People’s Democratic Republic (PDR), Mongolia and Papua New Guinea (PNG)

SiteLao PDRMongoliaPNG
Inclusion criteria2–59 months of age and presenting with:
Definition of acute respiratory infectionFever (parent report or measured) AND one of cough OR dyspnoea OR rhinitis OR abnormal chest auscultationCough OR dyspnoea AND tachypnoea* OR hypoxia OR chest indrawingCough AND tachypnoea* AND lower chest wall indrawing
Exclusion criteriaLives outside phase 1 district.
Admitted with pneumonia in the last 14 days.
Lives ≥1 hour outside town OR hospitalisation in past 14 days
Recruitment siteInpatient setting onlyInpatient setting onlyInpatient and outpatient setting
SamplingMonday–FridayA random sample (33 per month) of all enrolled cases are selected for testing.Monday–Friday
Sampling periodDecember 2013–November 2019November 2015–October 2018†April 2016–March 2019
Study populationMahosot Hospital is one of two tertiary-level paediatric hospitals in Vientiane and receives a mix of patients from urban Vientiane city, rural Vientiane province and other provinces.The two secondary–level district hospitals and a tertiary-level Maternal and Child Health hospital service the vast majority of children in the two districts that received PCV. There are a limited number of paediatric beds at private hospitals in Ulaanbaatar.The Eastern Highlands Provincial hospital is the sole hospital for the province. Study population includes urban and rural households within 1-hour drive of Goroka.
  • *Tachypnoea is defined as ≥50 breaths per minute.

  • †A 1-year extension (until June 2019) has been sought for the Mongolian site.