Table 1

Results of quality assessment using the Newcastle-Ottawa Scale for cohort studies

First author, yearRepresentativeness of the exposed cohortSelection of the non-exposed cohortAscertainment of exposure to implantsDemonstration that outcome of interest was not present at start of studyComparability of cohorts on the basis of the design or analysisAssessment of outcomeWas follow-up long enough for outcomes to occur?Adequacy of follow-up of cohortsTotal score
Ammirati,4 2017★ ★8
Sahin,5 2015★☆7
Schulz,9 2013★ ★8
Cheng,10 2012★☆8
Scherr,11 2012★ ★7
Chuang,6 2011★☆6
Enzinger,7 2010★ ★7
Patankar,8 2006★☆8
  • ★Score 1 point, ☆score 0 point.