Table 1

Health assets index

Domain and question numberQuestionProposed scoring system
 1At approximately what age did you start school?
At approximately what age did you finish school?
To be determined depending on spread.
Primary language
 2What is your primary language?Need to determine association.
 4Do you have a carer or someone you can rely on to help with day-to-day activities?0: no.
1: yes.
 5Do you have a support person who is positive towards discharge or maintaining residence in the community?0: no.
1: yes.
 6Do you live alone or with others?0: alone.
1: with others.
 7Do you have a regular GP?0: no.
1: yes.
 8Do you have private health insurance or other form of health services over such as Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card?0: no.
1: yes.
 9Do you own their own home?0: no.
0.5: yes with mortgage.
1: yes.
How do you manage on the income you have available?0: it is difficult/impossible most of the time.
0.5: it is difficult some of the time.
1: it is mostly/always manageable.
Number of children
 10How many children do you have?0: zero.
0.5: for one to two.
1: for three or more.
Social engagement
 11Can you count on anyone to provide you with emotional support, for example, talking over a problem, or helping with a decision?0: no.
1: yes.
 12How many times a week do you see or talk to a family member or friend who does not live with you?0: never.
0.5: less that once a week.
1: once a week or more.
 13In the 3 days prior to the onset of the illness precipitating admission, number of days went out of the house or building in which he or she resides (no matter how short the period).0: no days out.
0.25: did not go out in last 3 days but usually goes out over a 3-day period.
0.5: 1–2 days.
1: 3 days.
Psychosocial well-being
 15Do you have control over the important things in life?0: never.
0.5: sometimes.
1: mostly.
 16Overall how would you rate your quality of life?0: mostly bad.
0.5: sometimes good, sometimes bad.
1: mostly good.
 17In general would you say your health is:0: poor/fair
1: good excellent