Table 5

Baseline characteristics of participants of the MULTI sTUdy Diabetes rEsearch Consortium by diabetes status, n=135 156

TotalT2DM diagnosisNo T2DM diagnosisP values
N135 156* 33 421100 015
Age, mean (SD)54.3 (19.2)64.2 (8.6)51.4 (20.4)<0.0001
Sex, %<0.0001
 Missing (n)65
Race, %<0.0001
 Missing (n)4654
Smoking, %<0.0001
 Missing (n)4931
BMI category, %<0.0001
 Missing (n)4436
  • Categorical variables were compared using χ2 tests and continuous variables were compared using the Student’s t-test.

  • *n=1720 for unknown diabetes status.

  • BMI, body mass index; T2DM, type 2 diabetes mellitus.