Table 4

Participants (%) reporting housing and financial support by follow-up point (months)

FNP n=511UC n=470FNP n=514UC n=483FNP n=501UC n=466FNP n=595UC n=559
(A) Source of housing support
 Anyone outside of friends or family18.014.912.
 Local authority housing department7.
 Family nurse4.
(B) Source of financial support
 State benefits or payments86.988.4
 Income support62.063.3
 Job-seekers allowance8.68.9
 Housing benefit64.268.5
 Council tax reduction62.963.3
 Disability living allowance2.55.4
 Incapacity benefit0.71.6
 Child support agency*12.811.6
 Regular support from parents8.915.4
 Education grants5.55.9
  • *Directly or via partner.

  • FNP, Family Nurse Partnership; UC, usual care.