Table 2

Study data permitted for import from local NCDR-ACTION Registry databases

Study variableNCDR-ACTION variable number
Birth date2050
Race2070 (white)
2071 (black)
2073 (American Indian/Alaskan Native)
2072 (Asian)
2074 (Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander)
Ethnicity2076 (Hispanic vs non-Hispanic)
Health insurance3300 (private)
3301 (Medicare)
3302 (Medicaid)
3303+3304+3305+3306 (other)
3307 (uninsured/self pay)
Cath lab activation time3159
PCI (yes/no)7100
ED discharge time3222
Cath lab arrival date7101
Cath lab arrival time7102
  • *We did not permit the inclusion of any data that would be used for calculated time intervals, the primary outcome or risk factors/exposures.

  • ACTION, Acute Coronary Treatment and Intervention Outcomes Network; ED, emergency department; NCDR, National Cardiovascular Data Registries; PCI, percutaneous coronary intervention.